We’ve Moved!!

Hey everyone! Our blog has moved to our own website and web hosting at www.dilibertophotoanddesign.com, so if you’re still reading the blog at the diliberto.wordpress.com site you’re missing out on some blog posts! Thank you for your patience as we’ve made this transition!


I think this is just far to fantastic for me to comment.

This is one of my favorite photos of Bill and I. I’m not sure if we were engaged yet but we were definitely really really happy. It may have been the putt-putt golf or the nice day or the sun in our eyes but every time I see this photo it reminds me of when we dated and how much I love him. He’s the best, for real.

On that drive back from Myrtle Beach to Tulsa (I was with Bill to help him move back to Tulsa), we stopped to visit some friends in Memphis, TN…where I guess the Buffalo roam, because they certainly did.

Meet my husband’s cool side…yellow harley. I had heard rumor and legend of how he had bikes for most of his teens and early twenties, that he had a bike before his car. But I hadn’t seen it. And when we went to Myrtle Beach I not only saw it but I got to ride it (but don’t tell my mom). There is nothing cooler than riding on the back of a yellow harley in Myrtle Beach with the man you love (there is also nothing more frightening). I miss that yellow harley, but one day, we will ride again.

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Bill lived in Myrtle Beach, SC for about 6 months while we were dating. I went to visit him for a few days in the Spring as well as meet his parents and grandmothers (yes I was very nervous). After he picked me up from the airport, and on the way to his parents’ house I saw this. Ok so several things…

#1 Someone has 1/2 Price Sweet Corn

#2 Someone else had free coffee (and I didn’t stop for some, which I still regret)

#3 Spider man is standing on the side of the road

“Why?” You may ask…my answer: I have no earthly idea. I did however laugh quite heartily.